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Name: Usagi Tsukino (western order), Sailor Moon
Fandom: Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon
Gender: female
Age: 14
Time Period: post act twenty
Wing Color: pearl
History: summary and episodes summaries.


Usagi is - as most magical girls - actually a very average girl aside from her powers. She's a normal school girl with a normal family - she argues with her little brother as siblings do and gets along with her mother (who is actually a little bit less.. normal in her behaviour as a mother). She's a very carefree girl and is generally seen as very happy and enthusiastic. She loves typical things for a girl her age: her room is completely stuffed with various cute little accessoires and rabbit-related things, she loves food in all shapes and sizes (although she obviously prefers sweets much more than things like vegetables) and is a huge fan of karaoke, especially doing it with friends. Her fascination with karaoke actually goes pretty far; she's a big fan of the idol Aino Minako (who is actually Sailor V and Sailor Venus, but Usagi doesn't know that) and frequently sings and listens to her songs. She even tells Minako at one point that her songs make her feel happy, especially when she's feeling down. It's also in Usagi's meetings with Minako that her enthusiastic and happy personality really shines through. She starts screaming in joy and literally hopping around from happiness at one point when Minako gives a concert at her school. She also tends to be a bit of a daydreamer; an example of this is when she and her friends hear stories about Sailor V and Usagi immediately starts imagining how cool it would be to actually become a sailor senshi herself (this is the episode before she discovers her powers as Sailor Moon).

As you can see, her happy attitude and enthusiasm actually go as far as making her seem a bit simple or childish. (In fact, when Minako meets Usagi for the first time she can barely believe the girl is Sailor Moon because of her near-childish behaviour.) This childishness can also be seen in (most early, but later on too) her relationship with Mamoru. Even though she likes Mamoru and he likes her, all they do at first is teasing and throwing insults at each other, almost as little kids who like each other do. This childishness can sometimes make Usagi seem overly whiny too (she pouts easily at things when they don't go the way she wants them to go) or perhaps a little selfish - but she doesn't mean to come across that way. She tends to have problems with taking things seriously, when Luna is trying to teach Ami and her things about being a sailor senshi, she's more focused on the quiz itself and pressing the buzzer than the actual studying part. She can become serious when it's required, especially when it concerns her friends or sailor senshi affairs, but when it's something light Usagi doesn't take it seriously very easily. Therefore she's also an underarchiever at school. It's not due to plain stupidity, but more due to a combination of slight laziness, preferring to have fun with friends rather than studying and her inability to take things seriously when not related to senshi business or friends. Usagi is also a little impulsive because of this. She doesn't think too much about things, but instead goes with her first instinct and just rushes ahead - which gets her into trouble a few times.

Another very dominant aspect of Usagi is how extroverted and outgoing she is. She has no trouble at all mixing in at any social situation and seems to have relatively little shame when it comes down to that too. She's the kind of person who is easy to spot, even from a distance, because of how extroverted she is. Usagi is constantly looking to make friends and be friendly to people, and because of her outgoing attitude she also tends to easily make friends. She also seems to have no trouble with being informal around people immediately; she calls practically anyone her age whose name she knows with their first name and then '-chan' attached. Even when Ami continues to call her 'Tsukino-san' even though she insists on 'Usagi-chan', she says true friends should be able to call each other something that informal. Yes, Usagi's method of making friends and being friends with people can be seen as slightly forceful at times. She's the type of person to force people out of their shyness and just have fun with her, which can be good and bad depending on the situation. She contrasts a lot with the other four sailor senshi, since they are all loners in one way or another; but she is the one who keeps them together when it's needed. Usagi has no problem at all with getting into other people's business or even dragging people into things or near-forcing her interests on them, but she doesn't mean any of it badly. She just wants to be able to share the things she likes with other people, and wants all of them to have fun as well.

Usagi does care a lot about her friends - and people in general - though. She always tries to see the good in people, even when the bad is sometimes overly obvious; when Mio is clearly just manipulating her Usagi still does her best to be friendly to her and become friends with her. She is, after all, the kind of person who prefers being with friends over being alone. Even though Usagi might seem a bit selfish with her childish whining and her (although she doesn't realise it) tendency to force things on people, she's actually a pretty selfless person. She would do anything for her friends and if someone asks her for her help, she immediately jumps in and gives it all her effort as long as it helps said person out. Usagi has a hard time leaving people who needs help alone. For all her friendliness is worth, she does mess up at times though - when she's trying to get closer to Mamoru, she unintentionally leaves Ami all on her own (because everyone else is busy doing their own things too), which makes Ami feel worse and worse and get lonelier up to a point where Kunzite takes her away and changes her into a dark, evil version of herself.

So, even though Usagi might be clumsy, childish, overly enthusiastic or a bit forceful, she does always have good intentions for everyone. And she does always try her best once she sets her mind on something, or even just for her friends' sake or for the sake of her duty as a sailor senshi. Those are the times when she can start taking things seriously too and act a bit less childish. Usagi is actually a pretty strong person - even when all odds are against her, she tries to remain optimistic like when Mamoru and Usagi promise each other that they won't stay apart for the sake of not repeating the past life, instead they'll overcome fate together. She also tends to hide her sadness when she's feeling down; she keeps it to herself and only cries about things when they get too much for her when she's alone if she can help it, and just cover it up with a smile the rest of the time. Usagi is prone to wearing her heart on her sleeve though, so she can't always cover it up really well. She's pretty serious about her duty as a sailor senshi and does really want to protect her planet and everything on it. She wants to fight for what's right and against injustice. She doesn't want to put one person before the planet - no matter whether that 'one person' is the person she loves (when she's giving the choice of either killing Mamoru or letting the planet be destroyed) or her own life. That's why she tries to convince the princess inside her that she shouldn't destroy the planet just for Mamoru's sake - something like that is wrong in Usagi's eyes. And near the end of the series she does kill Mamoru, even though it hurts her a lot too and she's practically crying while she's doing it. That's how strong Usagi can make herself for the sake of the planet, for the sake of everyone on it and for her friends.

In the end, the line that's repeated often in the anime actually applies to this Usagi as well and sums her up pretty well - both her more clumsy and childish side and her serious side.

"I'm Usagi Tsukino. I'm a bit rash and a crybaby, but I'm actually the agent for love and justice, Sailor Moon."


Usagi can carry on a decent fight, especially when she uses her special powers. About these special powers - Usagi is a sailor senshi (sailor soldier), aka yet another (and probably one of the oldest) variant of the magical girl. To be more specific, she's Sailor Moon. She uses a tiny locket she always wears to transform, along with some sort of gimmicky lipstick tube and shouting the words 'Moon Prism Power, Make Up'. She's pretty good at hand to hand combat while transformed, although we don't see her fighting much while untransformed. She uses a weapon, a wand, named the Moonlight Stick to fight with and perform most of her attacks with. When combined with the other three / four sailor senshi she can perform more powerful group attacks using their Tambourines and her Moonlight Stick, like 'Moonlight Attractive Attack' and 'Sailor Planet Attack'.

She also has a few solo magical attacks, namely:

→ Moon Tiara Boomerang - Sailor Moon throws her tiara at an enemy, which seems to change into some light-based attack.
→ Moon Healing Escalation - Sailor Moon uses the Moonlight Stick to heal people.
→ Moon Twilight Flash - Sailor Moon uses the Moonlight Stick to attack with flashes of light-based magic.

Since Usagi is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity, she also carries the powers of Princess Serenity and the Silver Crystal (Ginzuishou) inside her, but at the point in canon I am taking her from these powers are sealed away. And considering these powers are game-breaking (she's canonically able to destroy an entire planet) I plan on keeping them sealed away as long as Usagi is in the game. So she will only have access to her regular powers as Sailor Moon.

Aside from her powers, Usagi has a few other strengths. Once it gets down to it, she is a true sailor senshi with the mentality for it; she's determined to save her friends, to save people, to save the world - she's even willing to fight for people she doesn't know as long as they're in danger. She's pretty selfless and doesn't seem to mind helping out much, it makes her happy to know she has done something good. She's especially willing to go very far for the people she's the closest to. She's also very optimistic and tries to see the good in people (even when the bad is super obvious) and tries to see the best in any situation, no matter how much the odds might seem turned against her.

She's also very cheerful and extroverted - she doesn't have much trouble with social situations. Quite the opposite, those are the moments when Usagi really seems to flourish, spreading her happy attitude around everywhere and trying to involve absolutely everyone into her parties and crazy ideas. She's immediately friendly to someone from the start, giving them the benefit of doubt without even thinking. She opens up easily to people and tends to get many friends because of this; people open up easily to her as well in return. Usagi enjoys life and enjoys all the little fun things as they come.

She can actually take a lot emotional-wise and still keep smiling; even if she's sad, she prefers to show that when she's on her own rather than bother her friends with it. She can keep smiling for other people's sake.


Usagi is just a fourteen year old girl, and has the physical condition to suit her age. She is pretty powerful as long as she uses her special powers, and she can keep up a decent fight too hand-to-hand wise while she's transformed, but as long as she's in her regular form it wouldn't be too easy for someone older or bigger than her to take her out. She isn't really a trained or professional fighter, so she would easily lose against those types.

To more serious types she can also easily come across as overly whiny, childish or even selfish. Usagi is a bit of a simple and childish person at times, pouting when things don't go her way or getting overly enthusiastic about the most simple of things. (Dinner being ready, meeting a new person, etc.) She can also ramble on about small, insignificant things, which could probably annoy some people. She's very naive and trusting, which makes it easy for people with not-so-good intentions to take advantage of her. Even when a person has betrayed her before, she willingly gives them a second chance, or a third chance, or even a fourth chance - so they can backstab her over and over again if they feel like it. (This is especially the case with Mio, who constantly takes advantage of Usagi's trust the moment she gets a new chance in the series.)

Her friendliness and extroverted attitude can actually become a bad point for her as well. Usagi tends to go overboard with her attempts to involve people, to a point where she nearly forces her interests on other people (for better or for worse) and drags people into situations they might not be comfortable with at all. Sure, she does it all with good intentions since she just wants everyone to have as much fun as she does, but it ends up not really working as she thinks it will quite some times. (One time when she near-forces Ami to participate in a pajama party with her and Naru Ami even goes to the bathroom and faints from the pressure.)


First Person:

Hey, hey, everyone! Good day! So.. I've been thinking a little, and I thought it might be a lot of fun if we could organize something to all do together! Nobody likes to be alone, right? So I was thinking about having an all-you-can-eat sweets party where absolutely everyone in this place could come! Nobody likes to be left out, right? So Usagi here will make sure that everyone can enjoy as many delicious sweet as they want to eat!

Aaah, can you believe how great it will be? There would probably be really delicious cake - although it won't be Mako-chan's cake, and let me tell you that Mako-chan's cake is the best I've ever eaten in my life, but this will still have to do! I'm sure it will make a great second place cake in Tsukino Usagi's history of cake eating! You're coming too, right, Ami-chan? I definitely don't want to have a party without you! [ She giggles. ] Don't make me have to drag you over there to have fun with me!

Everyone else is coming too, right? If nobody turns up and I'll have to eat all that cake by myself, I'd get really sad-- ah, but then I'd probably get happy again after because I'll have all of that delicious cake.. but I would still be sad that nobody showed up for a few good moments, okay? So I'm counting on all of you to not let me down!

Third Person:

Of course, when Usagi had first woken up in a forest in a dress she didn't even recognize and without any of her friends near, there had first been the thought that this was once again the Dark Kingdom's doing. And that thought was enough to immediately cause a moment of inner panic - after all, she was in the disadvantage without even knowing where exactly she was and without any of her friends near. But.. she was a sailor senshi too, right? When it came down to it, she could fight if she had to, she could defend hersel. And so Usagi did consider transforming, if not just to feel a bit safer.

But instead.. the moments passed and no monsters appeared. Or anything else particularly dangerous, really. As she sat there on the grass, staring around, all she could notice was a rabbit hopping around a little in the distance - normal things you would expect from a forest, really.

So maybe it wasn't anything the enemy did, but rather some weird sort of prank? Oh, if Shingo was the one who did this, Usagi told herself that she would give her little brother a good scolding the moment she would find her way home. But then again, maybe he was around here somewhere, hiding behind one of the nearby trees together with her mother and both giggling as if they were having some sort of conspiration.. A childish pout appeared on Usagi's face at the thought.

"Eeeh? You guys, this isn't funny anymore, okay? Just come out already, I know it's just a joke!"

But even when she shouted that (her words echoing through the trees), there wasn't any response. And even when Usagi finally got up and peeked around some of the trees, there wasn't even a trace of any other person. And by now she was slowly starting to run out of possible explanations for the situation she had found herself in.

"... Everyone..?" she called out weakly, hoping that at least her friend could hear her, that they were around here somewhere, that at the very, very least she wasn't all alone. Just the thought of being stuck here - wherever 'here' was - was enough to make her get a weird, almost sad, sort of feeling in her gut. "A-Ami-chan? Rei-chan, Mako-chan..?"

She slowly wandered back to the spot where she had woken up, the journal lying idly in the grass as Usagi stared around her and then up to the sky, as if she would find anything there. "Luna? H-hey, you guys can hear me, right..?"

Disheartened. That was a good word for the feeling that was slowly starting to settle in for her, but.. she couldn't let herself just stay down. Even if her friends weren't around, she would just have to find a way to contact them, and then they could meet up again, and it would be okay.. Slowly but surely she forced a more determined look back on her face, as she flopped into the grass and opened the journal.

First things first.

After a slight moment of hesitation, she started writing in it. Dear weird diary-like thing I just found here in the grass..
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